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OpenSubtitlesSearch project

This project is intended to help end-users to download easily subtitles for their movies / series, by using the database of Opensubtitles.

It's a graphical application build with QT4 wich can work at this moment under any Unix system, Windows and probably on Mac os.

It is licenced under the terms of the GPL v3 and so is free of use / modify / redistribute under this licence.

If you find this project usefull and want to support it, you can make a donation.

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Main features

Future features (NOT implemented yet)


Main window of the application, in english

main window

Properties dialog (and main window behind) in french

properties dialog, in french

How to use


binaries - v0.6 (actual release)

binaries - v0.5

You can see all binaries files availables here.


You can get the actual developpement sources with:

svn co https://ossearch.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ossearch/trunk ossearch

or get a tar file of trunk. You can also browse source code here


This is the list of apis / libs used for this project. Thanx to all of them !


You can post messages on the open forum.

Do not hesitate !